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Anna de Stefano

Legal Innovation Hacker, Start Up Advisor & Mentor, Business Angel



The “fil rouge” of Anna’s activity has always been to make the legal matters engaging, comprehensible, inclusive, easy to actuate. Last but not least, beautiful to read and work on. Legal language has to be partner of the business, not blocker. Anna pursued it having been the General Manager of a legal information publishing company in Italy which has deeply innovated the industry. She had been leading it since its real beginnings (they were four, all-around a desk) for more than twenty years, affirming in the industry, for example, very clear and straight to the point language, shorter time to get valuable solutions, a new way to use communication and social media in the legal services landscape. Anna is still pursuing it in these recent years with still more focus on legal design, human-centered approach, and client centricity, especially when regarding tech adoption and legal procedures in the startup ecosystem, by mentoring startups and young legal innovators, lecturing about these topics and participating to the works of legal innovators groups like #makelawbetter.org

Contribution to Legal Tech

Anna has always put the focus on the humans that have to use the technology, so she has always been acting to improve the environment and training of people to get the best from their tools to foster their goals. This has been mainly concentrated in effectively structuring legal information, with plain language and logic structure, which helps to understand legal contents and their use by technology tools. Adding to this, legal design concepts and visuals to make legal information engaging and interesting. With a special attitude to coach people to think out of the usual schemes about how to create value from legal information and share it, also building bridges among competences, experiences and cultures.

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