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Pilar Vila

Digital Forensic Analyst and Expert Witness



Pilar is the CEO and co-founder of Forensic & Security, a company focused on digital Forensic analysis for court cases and cybersecurity. She is also CEO and co-founder of Developers Forensics Tools (DFTools), a company set up for the development of hardware and software solutions for digital forensics to maintain the chain of custody regarding evidence in court cases. Pilar is one of the Chief Security Envoys for ElevenPaths(Telefonica), a recognition to her professional career and helping her to promote cybersecurity and forensics in Spain as an expert witness. 

Contribution to Legal Tech

Pilar is the author of the book “Computer Forensic Analysis Techniques for Professional Judicial Experts” by the 0xWORD publishing house and currently preparing the doctoral thesis in Computer Forensics. Her main contribution is in the investigation of different ways and researching best practices in digital Forensics investigations. Always looking for the preservation and non-manipulation of digital evidence in court cases. Another large contribution of hers is shedding light and divulging know-how in relation to digital Forensic analysis and best practices in the legal sphere through cybersecurity courses and events. 

Her startup DFTools won different awards regarding the research, development and innovation in hardware and software for the digital forensic analyst with guarantees always looking for best practices. 

She teaches classes in different cybersecurity masters`s degrees and also to law enforcement agencies in digital forensics for judicial cases with an expert witness

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