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Professional Services

Larissa Pilch

Online Marketing Manager, iurfriend AG



Larissa is a marketing professional from Germany. She studied Political Science at University of Pisa in Italy with a focus on Anthropology. Currently she is enrolled in a User Experience Design Professional Diploma course and working for a Germany based legal service company specialized in family law.

Contribution to Legal Tech

Larissa is the initiator of Skillerator. Skillerator is the winning solution of 2020 Global Legal Hackathon in Cologne, Germany and currently in the global finals. Solving a major gap in migration law and access to justice, Skillerator proposes a holistic approach to workforce migration allowing small to medium sized businesses and start-ups to recruit internationally easily and reliably. The legally compliant process is mapped out logically and transparently to both applicants and employers. Making the process easy and accessible for everyone is crucial for economic growth in our cosmopolitan society.

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