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Academia & Education

Dr. Veronica Hoch

Post-Doctoral Researcher, Ruhr University Bochum



Dr. Veronica R. S. Hoch studied law in Bayreuth with a minor in business and economics. After the First and Second State Exam in Bavaria and various jobs at well-known international law firms, including as an attorney, she received her doctoral degree at the University of Bayreuth in 2018. Her dissertation, which focuses on tax law with references to capital market law and corporate law (“The Taxation System for Capital Investments”), was awarded several prizes. Now, she works as a post-doctoral researcher at Ruhr-University Bochum. Recently, she has been offered a Tenure Track-Assistant Professorship for “Law of the Digital Economy”.

Contribution to Legal Tech

Dr. Hoch regularly publishes in the field of Legal Tech. In a seminal article, which appeared in the highly renowned Archiv civilistischer Praxis (AcP 219 (2019), Issue 5, p. 646), Dr. Hoch dealt comprehensively with the problems, opportunities and risks of the applications of Legal Tech and Artificial Intelligence as a managerial decision-making and supervisory tool. In addition, Dr. Hoch made further valuable contributions on the use of predictive analytics in civil litigation (MMR 2020, Issue 5, p. 295) as well as on the general admissibility of Legal Tech applications (VuR 2020, Issue 7, p. 254). Building on the findings in her doctoral thesis, she also works on applications of blockchain in investing.

She also reflects developments in the field of Legal Tech in her teaching. For example, she has designed a new course “Blockchain & AI in Civil Law”, which deals with Legal Tech from an international perspective. The course has also received great interest from abroad, including from the University of Lisbon, Portugal. Moreover, she develops a new course in Data Literacy and Data Science for Lawyers.

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