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Dr. Petra Arends-Paltzer

CEO, Davos Digital Forum



Petra is the co-founder of the Swiss Legal Technology Conference + Hackathon, which was first held in 2017 and the founder of Davos Digital Forum. She is also the co-author of the book ‘Legal Tech’, published in 2018.

Contributions to Legal Tech

Since 2017, the Swiss Legal Tech Conference has taken up the actual Legal Tech topics, particularly in an international context, and presented them to an international group of lawyers. The Davos Digital Forum (‘DDF’) is a think tank that focuses on topics around issues such as Smart Cities and Villages. Legal aspects are always involved (embedded law) and must be considered when dealing with (digitization) issues such as logistics, mobility, participation + communication, education, and new work practices. The forum is an open source event which gives everyone the opportunity to participate in an ever-changing world, were Legal Tech is just one, however important component.

In the future we will only be able to solve problems in mixed teams with different professional and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, Legal Tech should always be considered in this context. Through this approach Petra has won the support and partnership of companies like Google Developers, e-Estonia, the Think Tank of UBS Y and the Hoffman Global Institute for Business & Society to name a few.

Other Winners

In-house & Business

Fiona Morris

Lead Counsel, Legal Technology and Innovation, Accenture