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Marisa Monteiro

General Counsel- CLO, MQM Legal Center



Marisa is a Portuguese Lawyer with professional experience and an academic background namely in data protection, mediation, legal management and contract and commercial management. Besides having experience in Portugal as a Lawyer, Marisa worked on Maritime Law, Construction and Logistics across the European Union.

Contribution to Legal Tech

As the Portuguese Ambassador of the European Legal Tech Association –  whilst being headquartered in the Hague – Marisa helped spread legal tech’s discussion across these two countries. As a social entrepreneur, Marisa is one of the Founders of the Inov@Legal(Portuguese Institute of Legal Innovation and Technology) and was the creator of the first Symposium on Legal Innovation in Portugal, which had the participation of Government Officials, Supreme Court Judges, University Professors, Public Prosecutors and Representatives from the Portuguese Bar Association and whose goal was to discuss Technological Innovation in the Justice System.

Besides, Marisa created local chapters of the Legal Hackers organization in Porto and the Hague, thereby establishing a vibrant community of legal thinkers and fostering the discussion around legal tech. Marisa has established herself as one of the leading voices in Portugal regarding legal tech, having also published works related to the subject of legal design and Legal Practice 4.0 in Brazil. Marisa’s participation in ELTA CON 2019 Madrid, in the panel on the future of legal tech, was recognized by her colleagues “as a voice of critical thinking and as having the capacity to contribute to the future of the legal tech industry”. Also, the participation in ELTA CON 2019 of AnabelaPedroso, the Portuguese Secretary of State for Justice, was the result of Marisa’s personal invitation to this highly regarded Public Official.

Marisa was also a speaker in the first official government event “Jornadas de InovaçãonaJustiça” (Conference on Innovation in Justice) that occurred in Lisbon in July 2019, alongside the Minister of Justice, the President of the Portuguese Bar Association, and many other highly regarded participants. With ELTA Portugal, Marisa has also been the connector between the Portuguese-speaking legal communities, namely Brazil.

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