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In-house & Business

Dr. Hanna Herberz

Legal Counsel, Vaillant Group



Hanna has studied law at the University of Bonn. Since 2015, she has been a lawyer in a law firm in Cologne comprising around 100 professionals. She also worked for one of the world’s leading companies in life science, health and agriculture. Today, as legal counsel, Hanna is part of the Legal Department of Vaillant Group, a leader of high-efficiency heating, cooling and hot-water products and solutions.

Contribution to Legal Tech

As part of her work, Hanna advises core functions of Vaillant Group, in particular on contractual matters where she almost covers the entire life cycle of a contract. She is currently working on several Legal Tech projects. One example is the introduction of a robotic process automation tool in the areas of Compliance and Insurance. Furthermore, Hanna is implementing a contract generator which will enable users, for example in purchasing, to create and draft contracts more independently in the sense of self-service. At the same time, a workflow is to ensure that any necessary alignments are initiated, and approvals are obtained. In this way, the process of creating contracts shall be automated and standardised, making it clearer and more efficient for both users and Hanna and her colleagues.

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Academia & Education

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