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Professional Services

Cristina Contero Almagro

Partner, Aphaia



Cristina is Partner at Aphaia, one of the first world’s consultant firms in providing AI ethics and regulation services, with offices in London and Madrid. She is a lawyer and also a data expert on the legal, business and technical side. Cristina holds a MSc in Data Analytics & Cognitive Intelligence, a LL.M in Data Protection, ICT & Cyber Law, Telecom Law & Media Law and another LL.M in Legal Practice. Her dual profile as a lawyer and data scientist provides her with 360º data skills that she has applied to several projects during her tenure as a Privacy Advisor, and in her role as the Data Protection Officer to a number of vibrant businesses, including London and Silicon Valley tech start-ups in the areas of finance, sharing economy, e-commerce and software development. She is also part of the EU AI Alliance and participates as a member of the ethics board in EU H2020 projects. Before working at Aphaia, Cristina worked as a Project Manager at an international trade company based in Vietnam, and participated as companies’ defence counsel in the Madrid Court of Arbitration for the resolution of e-commerce and e-advertising disputes. Cristina also wrote her LL.M thesis about AI Ethics on algorithmic decision-making.

Cristina is also a mentor in Chaitech, a young Techpreneur Programme in St. Lucia which focuses on essential skills required to both develop tech solutions and put them into productive use. She teaches programming, AI ethics and data protection, helping young Caribbean techpreneurs to set up their businesses

Contribution to Legal Tech

Cristina’s contribution to Legal Tech is threefold, as she shows her passion about it either in her work, her volunteering activities and her spare time. As a lawyer and data scientist, Cristina helps both start-ups and multinational companies to build their algorithm and AI-powered apps and features in line with the GDPR and the AI ethical requirements set by the AI-HLEG, achieveing trustworthy AI while complying with the relevant legal framework, mainly in Europe and the US. She assists her clients in the whole process of product and algorithm creation, implementation, application and audit. She helps them to identify the risks for people’s fundamental rights and freedoms and the biases that may be derived from their technology, and suggests relevant mitigation measures. She may as well get involved with code review. 

As a Privacy and Data Protection expert, she also acts as the Data Protection Officer for a number of disruptive businesses in London and Silicon Valley which incoporateAI in their activities and services. The company she is a Partner at, Aphaia, has developed its own methodology and ‘smart compliance’ approach which saves time and costs to make the services affordable and accessible to any type of business, regardless of their budget or location worldwide. Cristina is also a member of the European AI Alliance, which allows her to contribute to the European debate on AI. She is part of some H2020 projects’ Ethics Board, such as DIH4CPS.

Cristina also collaborates as a mentor with Chaitech, a Caribbean tech and AI hub which provides young techpreneurs with essential skills required to both develop tech solutions and put them into productive use. Together with her colleagues at Aphaia, she maintains a YouTube channel, called Aphaia’s AI Ethics and Regulation, both in English and Spanish, where they discuss and analyse news, facts, FAQs, and tips on AI. She also writes AI and data protection related articles for Aphaia’s blog regularly. Her motto is “Everything is possible, you just need to know how to do it”. In her view, the combination of Technology and Law may provide almost any response one may need.

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